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Radio Free D'ni - History of Passport

Ritratto di Doobes

Heading into the new month brings a brand new concert from Radio Free D'ni!

This will take place this Sunday, October 4th, starting at 13:00 KI time and ending at around 15:00, with music before the show as people tune in.  The party will take place in the usual spot in Ae'gura, in the courtyard.

To tune in, you can use this link to open the stream in your browser...or you can use this link in your media player of choice.

This one is described as a "History of Passport" and is intended to be the first part of what may be a two part set.  If there is enough interest, part two will be put together for a later concert.

They also take any suggestions for a playlist that fans would like to see.  If you'd like to mention a favorite band, genre, etc to the group, you can PM them on the forums or post in the associated forum thread.

From Edison Rex, Malaclypse and AlanDJ - your Radio Free D'ni team!

Ubicazione a D'ni: 
Ae'gura - Courtyard
Data dell'evento: 
4 Ottobre, 2015 - 13:00 - 15:00
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Nota di Traduzione: Viene mostrata la versione in Inglese di questo contenuto perché la traduzione in Italiano non è disponibile.

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